Sun, 09 Jun 11:00
MINI TRCAJ BE for the second time - like a strawberry on the icing before the end of the school year Welcome to the smallest and cutest MINI TRCAJ BE participants of the first Bitola children's race Date • June 9, 2024 Start • 11.00 am Location • Bitola city park All children from 4 to 12 years old will have the right to participate in the race, which will be divided into the following categories: 4 years – 250 meter race 5 years – 250 meters race 6 years - 250 meters race 7 years - 250 meters race…
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Sun, 22 Sep 08:00
Trcaj Be with Alpsko announces its 6th edition And this will not be just another edition of the favorite city race, this will be a film edition, because the race is happening the same weekend as the 45th anniversary edition of the "Manaki Brothers" Film Camera Festival. Therefore, get ready to run through the city that brings the biggest stars of the cinema, on the weekend when all the spotlights of the film world public are turned towards Bitola, and feel the shine and magic created by the seventh art. MY FILM IS TO RUN - is the slogan of…
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